Bovine Buzz Photo Gallery

baby calf.jpg
A young calf nestled in fresh straw
Group of curious young Holstein calves
Calves-group housing.jpg
Young calves wearing jackets to maintain optimum body temperatures
Cow brush.jpg
Enjoying a good scratch from an automatic brush
cow face close up.jpg
Dairy case.jpg
Abundant milk choices for consumers
Cows enjoying a “TMR” total mixed ration of feed
Various dairy breeds
Cows enjoying feed mixture known as “rations”. Feed ingredients change according to the age/stage of the cow to provide optimum health.
Lunch time!
Feed ration prepared to provide cows with optimum nutrition
High quality feed ingredients for the cow’s rations
Large bales of corn stalks for use in feed
hauling milk.jpg
Milk tanker transporting milk from the dairy to the processor
milk products.png
Consumers enjoy an abundant variety of dairy choices
Rotary milking.jpg
Cows being milked in a rotary parlor. The cows voluntarily step on the rotary and “ride” around in a circle being milked and step off allowing more cows to do the same.
Sand bedding is refreshed and cleaned while cows are milked
Veterinarian reviewing animal care and herd health with manager
VPP Walk-Through Cover.jpg
Dairy cows enjoying their feed
Producer monitoring his cows
zArial view_1.jpg
Aerial view of a dairy showing long loafing barns housing cows and the feed center in the middle
zArial view_2.jpg
Aerial view of a dairy farm